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What does a sustainble city look like?

No one knows what a sustainable city looks like because there has never been one. Cities have always been built on gross exploitation of the surrounding environment – that’s the way they work. Ancient Rome began its existence with the … Continue reading

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The Oprah Poison, Part II

When was the last time, you saw a political leader at any level of government stand up in front of the press and actually say or do anything that was more than another consecration of the status quo? Why can’t … Continue reading

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Politicians as referees

In the last century of the Roman Empire, the Emperor became a referee trying to assuage the various demands of special interests. In the end, there was nothing left to referee over. The Christians destroyed the Empire’s multi-faith/civic culture in … Continue reading

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Of Cities and Philosophy- The Oprah Poison

Oprah Winfrey is a warm and attractive public presence, but her philosophy is poisonous, and the idea of her taking it to an entire network, ominously called OWN is chilling. Believing in yourself, Searching for your dream and Living your … Continue reading

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To blog or not to blog that is the question

of Cities and Philosophy I’m not sure just what I’m supposed to write about in ‘of cities and philosophy’.   When I look around the blogosphere, everywhere I look I see intelligent, discerning commentaries on the modern dyspepsia’s.   There’s James Howard … Continue reading

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