Sheenagh’s Letter

Defend Democracy

(The author Sheenagh McMahon describes herself as a middle aged mother and housewife. I met her on my campaign for Mayor. She liked the cut of my jib, walked in the campaign door and proceeded to become a wonderful and formidable canvasser. She is the kind of citizen which does our country proud and I am pleased to pass her letter on for you.)

“I am really tired of hearing people say that they don’t care about Democracy.

I’m tired of people saying that they don’t care that the Government lied to Parliament.

I’m tired of people saying that they don’t care that Minister Bev Oda committed fraud by altering a legal document after it had been signed and then lied about it to Parliament.

I’m tired of people saying they don’t care that Conservative Senators are charged with election fraud in the In and Out Scheme.

I’m tired of people saying that they don’t care that the Prime Minister shut down democracy twice by Proroguing Parliament to avoid getting in trouble for what he had done.

I’m tired of the Conservatives refusing to provide Parliament with documents to which Parliament is legally entitled.

I’m tired of a Conservative Government which has Contempt for Canadian Democracy.

Democracy is a fragile thing. All over the World, people are dying, actually dying, to try to obtain a little bit of the Democracy that Canadians already have. The Democracy which too many Canadians are ready to throw away with both hands.

Democracy must be defended every day with every breath in your body. If you don’t it will be taken away from you. Throughout history, countries which had Democracy let it slip away from them when they weren’t paying attention. Bit by bit it was chipped away and they didn’t even realize it. This is what is happening in Canada.

If you care about Democracy, it has to matter to you that the Conservative Government has been found in Contempt of Parliament. It has to matter to you that Conservative Ministers have falsified documents and lied to Parliament. It has to matter to you Parliament has been shut down twice because Stephen Harper did not want to face the consequences of his actions. It has to matter.

Canadian Democracy is in danger. Our way of life is in danger. A way of life that the whole World envies is in danger.   It time to Stand On Guard for Canada.  On May 2, vote the Harper Conservatives out.

Sheenagh McMahon
Canadian Citizen

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