Ten Reasons not to vote Harper

1) They lie. The Harperites are the first govt. in the history of the Commonwealth to be retired from Parliament for contempt. They lie as individuals. They lie as a group.

2) They constantly associate themselves with Canadian symbols, hockey, Olympics, the name, Canada while destroying the country I know and love.

3) They are destroying it by refusing to tax corporate wealth, by diminishing general revenue (GST) and then spending whatever surplus is left on the military. Billions for jets without engines.

4) In this way, they are destroying the efficacy of all the great public services, health, education, pensions and unemployment insurance.

5) They are masters of division.  They’ve set city dwellers against suburban.  They’ve blacked out the press, muzzled the artists and are waiting to finish off the nations public broadcaster.

6) They fire Canadian public servants, or force them out (Head of Statistics Canada, Head of Chalk River Nuclear Plant) who give them advice they don’t want to hear and when they can’t fire them misrepresent them on public documents. They close down all operations that they don’t like (Canada Law Reform Commission). They rule the public service through fear.

7) The strongest supporters of the Harperites are religious anti-rationalists who vote for what they ‘believe in’ not what the intellect discerns. People are now fighting all over the world to free themselves from this kind of religious intolerance and political tyranny, and the Harperites are marching Canada towards it.

8  This is not the Canada that my parents fought a great war for. This is not the Canada, Canadians have died for, this is a Canada made over in Mr. Harper’s vision of what it should become.

9) Fight for the country that our parents fought for. Fight the Harperites. Vote for anyone who can defeat them.

10) Let’s get back to building our country in the way that once made it famous.

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One Response to Ten Reasons not to vote Harper

  1. Marty says:

    I completely agree with you, thank god he was only in a minority government over all these years, Canada would always be half of Harper’s psychotic dreams if not.

    A vote for Harper is not for you, it’s for corporations, arms dealers, crime syndicates of various ethnicities…

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