Many minareted Istanbul

Many minareted Istanbul
is like an ancient seed
upon whose shores
the history of our species is writ.


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2 Responses to Many minareted Istanbul

  1. Bonnie Johnson says:

    Esmeralda has just let me know about this Blog Clive. What a treat to follow your poetry and your ideas. Makes me want to go to these ancient cities and sit and contemplate history.
    Tell Pat (and for your info too) that Oscar continues to roam the neighbourhood happily getting pats and hugs from all the neighbours. He seems happy as usual. Your garden is in full spring bloom – we all enjoy its color. Our little street seems rather out of sorts with the Fernandes/Cumberland home in disarray and people living in wrong houses. We all look forward to your return – a long way off.
    Enjoy your travels.

    • Clive says:

      I too miss Muriel Street, especially on the 18 hour night train from Istanbul to Sophia, Bulgaria – on a train older than Agatha Christie! But that’s good! It would be sad only if I didn’t!

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