Thomas the Tank Engine Retires to Italy

Dear Felix,

I am in Italy right now and do I have a surprise for you! I met Thomas the Tank Engine. He was steaming down a country line in Italy, not far from the village where we are staying. He’s found a little country line that goes from to Fabriano to CastelRaimondo and a new friend, Bernardo. Bernardo is a hardworking country train who takes mothers and their children, students and businessmen to from CastelRaimondo all day long.

Everybody likes Bernardo and I am sending a couple of pictures of him for you. Sometimes Thomas takes a run for Bernardo to give him a rest and Bernardo goes over to the big station on the main line to see some of his friends there.

Bernardo is teaching Thomas to speak Italian and Thomas can already order coffee for his tank just by saying ‘café latte por favour’ and presto-presto a wonderful coffee arrives. Thomas says he really liked the island of Sodor but he find life without Mr. Topham-Hat telling him what to do just a little more peaceful.

Love Grandpa

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  1. Emma says:

    I asked Felix what he wanted me to say and he said:
    “Grandpa, you’re the best, I love you!” “You are the best Grandpa in the whole wide world, I love you a lot”” I like your real house” “I miss you a lot Grandpa” “See you in France, love Felix”

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