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Remembering Jack, and Hope

When I was first elected to city council, I knew absolutely nothing about politics and looked around for someone from whom I might learn. I settled on two Toronto city councillors, Joe Mihevc and Jack Layton and travelled to Toronto … Continue reading

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Paris on a Summer Civic Holiday

August 15 is the Acadian National Celebration Day. It’s also a great religious day in the Catholic church, the celebration of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. In Paris, it is a civic holiday and a day of pilgrimage at … Continue reading

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Thoughts on The Little Prince and Sharing

There is an old fig tree in the garden of the house we are renting. It is an old, powerful tree with a gnarled, thick girth and a densely branched canopy. On the hottest summer night, it is cool sitting … Continue reading

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Paranoid, Violent Right vs Spineless Left

It is difficult to know which I dislike the most the manipulative, political right or the gutless, political left.  The right’s reaction to the global collision of cultures has been to return to the call of the tribe.  In the … Continue reading

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