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10 Reasons to Love Trams

Trams are a cheap date. For the cost of one bus tour you can buy a week of tram tripping. Trams are friendly. If you get lost, they will always take you back to where you started. No questions asked. … Continue reading

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More “Sad” News from Paris

Today, I tramped across the 12th arrondissement from Place de la Bastille to Varenne-Saint-Maur on an old, abandoned rail line. About half of it is elevated on stone arches, the other half takes up the centre of streets, tunnels under … Continue reading

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The Sistine Chapel of the Palaeolithic World.

You quickly begin to recognize European Palaeolithic country. It’s high. There are cliffs rising straight up from a deep river valley. There is lots of water and deep verdant vegetation. For at least thirty thousand years this is the kind … Continue reading

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