10 Reasons to Love Trams

  1. Trams are a cheap date. For the cost of one bus tour you can buy a week of tram tripping.
  2. Trams are friendly. If you get lost, they will always take you back to where you started. No questions asked.
  3. There’s something about trams. People are friendlier on trams than on buses. Maybe, it’s because they not concentrating on hanging because trams are a smooth ride.
  4. I love how trams in the space of one narrow lane can carry 8 lanes of car people.
  5. I love how you can sit in a café beside a tram line and they don’t blow fumes in your faces.
  6. Cities with trams are cities with history. (Today, going to visit the tram museum in Vienna.)
  7. Streets with trams are cheerier than those without. They have more pedestrians, more cafes, more shops. In short, a hunk of moving metal on rails civilizes a city. Magical!
  8. The best ice cream in the entire world can be found at a tram transfer stop in Vienna.
  9. I feel virtuous on a tram because outside of my feet and a bicycle, trams are the cheapest, most enduring form of urban transit ever invented; that’s why North American car manufacturers closed them down. So when I ride a tram I’m participating in a little urban anarchy. I like that.
  10. A little disclosure needed here. I was seduced by a Wellington Street tram in Ottawa when I was ten years old . It took me to the movies downtown and the beach at Britannia….no questions asked.

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4 Responses to 10 Reasons to Love Trams

  1. Michael Slavitch (@slavitch) says:

    In The Hague (Den Haag) the ‘streetcar suburbs’ have terminal stations for trams. In each terminal there’s a cafe. The cafe is also a bar. While a 7 am coffee with a schnapps may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it seems to work for the Dutch.

  2. Patty Deline says:

    We love trams, too. Spent time this summer on the magnificent one in Bordeaux, which runs so quietly around town, including down a shopping precinct (think Sparks Street mall). Also, we used the one in Nice a lot, not quite as lovely as the Bordeaux one, but very efficient, fast and quiet. And they took a main street (think Carling Avenue) and ran the tram down the centre, with a lane for traffic on the outside edges. We knew this street pre-tram and it’s much nicer now. We are with you all the way. Too bad our Council is so 20th century. They just don’t seem to get the most fundamental things. Regards to both you and Patty. Look forward to more of these missives.

  3. Dale says:

    Love your web site. So much more intelligent reasons to LOVE trams than that other web site with its bogus reasons to hate trams.
    We currently have a short ‘tourist’ and local community fun tram line. Problem is, we can’t afford to extend it to another local attraction. Can anyone suggest specifically where to get funding to build more tram lines?

  4. Alek F says:

    Great article. Thanks for the post!
    Also, we must not forget that trams (streetcars) are an enormous contributor to economic development. As an example, just look what has been occurring in Portland! 🙂
    Wherever a streetcar is present, you’ll see not only pedestrian life and family-friendly environment, but also lots of retail, shops, stores, cafes and restaurant; trams are a magnet for developers thanks to the permanent presence of the tram route, including tracks and overhead wiring.
    Trams are a win-win situation for any city!

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