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Monsieur Governor General Get Ready

Another Parliamentary/Constitutional Crisis Coming at Canada. What’s interesting about Robocon is how few journalists and how few members of Parliament  understand we are headed directly towards another parliamentary/constitutional crisis.  Everyone is plugged in twittering and facebooking and soundbiting but no … Continue reading

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Dirty Tricks versus Illegal Acts

Listening to the shouting match that passes for question period, it struck me that most of the members don’t understand the difference between a dirty trick and an illegal act.  There is a profound difference.  The former is unpleasant but … Continue reading

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Canada no longer has a legitimate government

Imagine if you are about to go out the door to vote and you get a phone call from Elections Canada telling you the poll where you’ve always voted is closed.  It’s been moved to some place else in the … Continue reading

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Meet Nathan Cullen – Mar.1, 2012 in Ottawa

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Santa Claus – suspect in Robogate scandal

Robogate has invalidated the Harper minority-majority.  Santa Claus could admit to making fake calls on behalf of Elections Canada and it wouldn’t change the fact that the last election was not valid.   Twelve, eighteen, now 30 ridings are involved.   Liberals … Continue reading

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By Elections Required in 12 to 18 Federal Ridings

It doesn’t matter who authorized the Robo calls in 12 to 18 federal ridings and it won’t matter if some minor Conservative functionary is eventually identified and fined as Mr. Harper states he is anxious to see. What does matter … Continue reading

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I find it a melancholy thing

I find  it a melancholy thing to contemplate our flag which is an astonishing thing because I belong to that generation which grew up without a national flag.  We fought to have one that was designed and made and voted … Continue reading

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Clive Doucet backs Nathan Cullen for NDP leadership

I’ve been listening to the various candidates for the leadership and after much reflection, I’ve decided Nathan Cullen will have my vote. Canadians were asked if you would support political cooperation between the NDP, Liberals and Greens to defeat the … Continue reading

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The Locust Economy # 2 in a series

Locusts propagate, proliferate and eat.  Locust economies function the same way. No one develops a vision for a nation in office.  One arrives in Ottawa with it.  Once in Ottawa, the political pressures of Ottawa take over and there are … Continue reading

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