Clive Doucet backs Nathan Cullen for NDP leadership

I’ve been listening to the various candidates for the leadership and after much reflection, I’ve decided Nathan Cullen will have my vote.

Canadians were asked if you would support political cooperation between the NDP, Liberals and Greens to defeat the current government in the next election, and then pass electoral reform. Almost 10,000 responded. 95% said yes, with an astounding 72% “strongly agreeing”.[1]

Nathan Cullen has stated he  is willing to work with other parties

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. We need to do things differently.  The Harper/Flanagan (HAF) team is taking apart Canada brick by brick. We used to count ourselves a Nordic nation on a par with Sweden, Norway, Denmark. Now we cannot compete with unemployed workers and subsidies in Muncie, Indiana.

Everywhere I go, I hear the alarm and a new HAF Horror story.

  • They allowed 4 billion dollars in Nortel patents be sold out of the country.
  • They support old technology slurry pipes for Chinese and Texan gain.
  • They will spend 30 billion dollars for warplanes – to keep what peace?
  • They withdraw from Kyoto.
  • Now the results of torture are OK.
  • End of gun registry, prison farms, wheat board.
  • Cancellation of Stats Can long form.
  • belief based policies, crime down, prisons up.
  • To come – privatization Via Rail and CBC.
  • Write in and add your own.

All the while, the civic liberties and not for profit organizations Canadians have developed and which have created a world reputation for sane, sensible caring actions are being defunded and marginalized.

The endgame of the HAF team has been very clear. “You won’t recognize Canada after I’m through with it.” And they are delivering.

What is happening to and in Canada is absolutely unique in the history of our country. There never has been anything like it and we must mobilize all our forces to oppose and replace it with a government that can govern as if our heritage, people, environment and future mattered.

We need leaders of the NDP, Liberals and Greens who feel the same way.

Nathan Cullen understands.  He gets my vote.

Clive Doucet

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2 Responses to Clive Doucet backs Nathan Cullen for NDP leadership

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  2. Doug Gabelmann says:

    Good on you, Clive. I’ve been very impressed with Nathan Cullen. He looks and sounds like a leader. His ideas are appropriate for the times. I can see him taking the NDP into government. I can’t see any of the others doing that.

    cheers /doug

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