Monsieur Governor General Get Ready

Another Parliamentary/Constitutional Crisis Coming at Canada.

What’s interesting about Robocon is how few journalists and how few members of Parliament  understand we are headed directly towards another parliamentary/constitutional crisis.  Everyone is plugged in twittering and facebooking and soundbiting but no one seems to know the ‘why’ of their daily sound bites anymore.

Hearing young parliamentarians fulminate about Robocon as a  ‘dirty trick’ or equating Bob Rae’s  humble apology for an employee doing something that was impolite but perfectly legal, broadcasting a public court order than Vic Taves wasn’t paying his support payments…as if this breach of parliamentary etiquette was on the same level as massive, coast to coast election fraud strikes me as dangerously Kafkaesque .

The bottom line here is quite simple.  The last election wasn’t valid and no investigation from Elections Canada can make it valid.  It wasn’t valid because thousands of people were denied the right to vote through a carefully planned, deliberate national attack  from a central source.  Further, the last election was a cliff hanger.  Many ridings were decided by only a few hundred votes, some by a few dozen.

Nor is there any way of knowing just how much distortion to the outcomes these false calls created except there must have been considerable damage for common sense tells one that the false Robocalls must have effected the outcome in many ridings and consequently the national result because all the close fights were targeted.

So Monsieur Governor General get ready because you are headed down the same trail as your predecessor.

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2 Responses to Monsieur Governor General Get Ready

  1. I agree with you that the Robo-Calling fiasco has seriously challenged the legitimacy of the current government, and that the illegitimacy hasn’t been sufficiently discussed in the mainstream media. But where is the organized protest on Parliament Hill? Why aren’t opposition parties rallying people to pull out their torches and pitchforks and march into QP demanding an inquiry, or a brand new election?

    • Ute Thomas says:

      Good question, one that is being asked by many Canadians. And where are the true Conservatives in this country who stand up in opposition to the charade of political discourse that we witness daily in our Parliamement and affirm the honourable tradition of genuine conservative values? Who speak out against Harper’s persistent use of the big lie, made infamous by Goebbels under the Nazis?

      I’m informed there will be a demonstration on the Hill on Monday, March 5, from noon to 3 p.m. A preliminary list fo confirmed speakers includes:
      Pat Martin, NDP MP for Winnipeg Centre @ TBA
      Tyler Sommers, Democracy Watch @ 12:15
      Alex Hill, Ottawa-West Nepean provincial Green Party candidate @ 1:15
      Arun Smith and Shane Davis-Young, Canadians Against Electoral
      Fraud/Canadien(ne)s contre la fraude électorale

      I don’t know who is organizing this event but let’s hope that all speakers will keep a clear focus on the threat the Harper government presents to our democaratic institutions.

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