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I don’t understand.

You can understand why Paul Dewar’s ‘family first campaign’ is strong when a city family of four with a household income of $50,000 has difficulty making rent, child care, car care, food, clothes, family celebrations and looks down the road … Continue reading

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Mulcair gets ‘me first’ Ignatieff disease and goes for Harper Gold

Thomas Mulcair is clearly a talented politician but like so many other NDP leadership hopefuls, he’s like a deer caught in the headlights at the thought of being the next Prime Minister.  As he said in the last debate, he … Continue reading

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Is Stephen Harper working for the Tea Party?

In 1680, a poet named Tom Brown composed a little, nursery rhyme that starts ‘I do not like thee Doctor Fell, the reason why I cannot tell’.  Unlike Tom, I know exactly why I don’t like Stephen Harper and it … Continue reading

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Speaking on Parliament Hill about Election Fraud

I had thought my days of giving  speeches on Parliament Hill were over and was surprised to find myself up there speaking.  I had this notion that I had had enough of politics and wanted to fade quietly into books … Continue reading

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Let’s put Canada first for one election

I thought it might be useful to explain a little about how I came to support Nathan for the leadership of the NDP.   In the past, my support for NDP candidates has always been based on friendship and acquaintanceship. I … Continue reading

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