Is Stephen Harper working for the Tea Party?

In 1680, a poet named Tom Brown composed a little, nursery rhyme that starts ‘I do not like thee Doctor Fell, the reason why I cannot tell’.  Unlike Tom, I know exactly why I don’t like Stephen Harper and it isn’t anything personal.  For all I know Mr. Harper is a hardy guy who plays hockey, goes out for a beer on Saturday and on to church on Sunday.  I don’t like Mr. Harper because he doesn’t like Canada.  He wants to tear it down and rebuild it into something the Tea Party would like.  Let me count just a few of the ways, he is doing this:

Leger marketing has confirmed  that Harper has personally revived the fortunes of the separatist  movement and the Parti Quebecois which were at 40 year lows when he won the last election.  Right now, his blame machine must be really missing the Bloc Quebecois.  Who is he going to blame for the ‘separatists’?  He could start with whoever wrote Pierre Poutin from Separatist Street as the Guelph contact in the Robo call scandal.  Or how about killing the gun registry in a province that has suffered terribly from easy access to firearms?  Or how about Texas style prison sentences for smoking weed in a province with the lowest  rate of recidivism in the country?  Or how about 1.5 billion in tar sands tax breaks in a province with an electricity based, not an oil based economy or being unable to decided if Michel Tremblay is a national treasure or not?   Harper’s values have even managed to push one of Pierre Trudeau’s sons to the point where he’s  feeling he may have make a choice between Canada and Quebec.  Justin Trudeau is not alone.

My Dad worked for sustainable fisheries and local fishing control all his life.  He fought along with many other people including Federal Fisheries Ministers from both east and west coasts to protect the small fisherman  from corporations buying up their licences and  fishing quotas.  Stephen Harper  wants to do the same thing to that protective licencing system as he did with the Canadian Wheat Board:  Destroy it.

Under the guise of Provincial Rights aka States Rights, Harper is cleverly defunding the Canadian health system.  Remember it was originally federal legislation, the Canada Health Act and national funding that created Canada’s fabulous health system. Harper is quietly making it as easy as possible for the American Insurance industries to take over the Canadian health system province by province by reducing  funding without providing any counter balancing taxing powers.

Harper is getting Canada ready for the 21st century sustainability crisis by subsidizing to the tune of 1.5 billion annually the dirtiest oil extraction industry on the planet. Per capita, we’re 59 out of 60 nations just in front  of  Saudi Arabia as the largest carbon emitter on the planet.  No wonder we win ‘fossil’ prizes and get booted off the U.N. Security Council.

Stephen H has no confidence in Canadians.  He won’t allow French  citizens living in Canada to vote in their home elections because this somehow will jeopardise our own sense of being Canadian.  Be afraid Canada! He characterizes dissent by calling the people who disagree with him as socialist if they want to protect pensions or separatist is they don’t want to throw more people in jail, or radical environmentalists if they don’t want a slurry pipe to China in their backyard, or pedophile supporters if they won’t  let the government  in their email.  But without this Robo call scandal all these feelings would be nothing more than angry commentary.

But it turns out the elections weren’t legal.  People were stopped from going to the polls by fake calls from Elections Canada announcing  their poll was closed and/or had been moved.  It doesn’t matter if you love or loathe M r Harper as Prime Minister because he is no longer Prime Minister.  Nor does it  matter whether it was Elizabeth May who was the author of the fake calls from Elections Canada or Jack Layton or that master of all things confounding  Michael Ignatieff.  The last election was not valid and identifying the culprit won’t change this ugly reality.  In this matter, it’s all pretty simple. Cheating  Canadians out of their right to vote renders the election invalid.  It works this way in Afghanistan, in Russia and it should work this way in Canada.

If you do anything political in your entire lifetime, you should do this one thing.  Write to your M.P., copy Elections Canada and your local newspaper with the news that you want a legal election in all ridings where voters were falsely redirected to non existent polling stations.

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One Response to Is Stephen Harper working for the Tea Party?

  1. michael oos says:

    *actually you need to redo the entire election*
    it is highly likely all irregularities have not been found (both quantity and type). in fact didn’t they just find a bunch of last minute voters without address in one tory riding.
    also, and i’m not a mathematician, i’m pretty sure you’d need to redo it all for statistical validity.
    the challenge is to redo an election that would be valid & speed would be the trick there in order to remove time from our scheming fiends, of course i don’t mean little harper who points at all his schoolmates when he gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

    and meanwhile if this is an illigitimate government, then why are they allowed to pass laws or budgets. shouldn’t the entire process be put on hold ?

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