I don’t understand.

You can understand why Paul Dewar’s ‘family first campaign’ is strong when a city family of four with a household income of $50,000 has difficulty making rent, child care, car care, food, clothes, family celebrations and looks down the road at smaller pensions and smaller incomes than their parents had.

You can understand why Peggy Nash ‘unions matter campaign’ is strong when union pensions and wages are disappearing from the Canadian heartland as very rich companies simply stop paying living wages unless Canadians accept no benefit, low wage jobs.

You can understand why many New Democrats think some elegance dans la langue de Michel Tremblay is important when more than half the NDP caucus is from Quebec.

What I can’t understand is how New Democrats will troop off to Toronto this week to celebrate the patriot life of Jack Layton who championed a coalition which could have easily defeated Harper to elect a go for gold leader that won’t.  How does that compute?   Is it the Quebec orange wave means no worries?  It’s ‘orange uber al’ in next election? If so – that’s sad for it looks little different from Michael Ignatieff’s ‘no’ to the coalition and evanescent dreams of ‘me Prime Minister – soon’.

If you held a national poll now and asked Canadians, who aren’t members of any political party (that’s most of us),  – do you think the New Democrats, the Liberals, the Greens and what’s left of the BQ should cooperate for one election to rid us of rant radio government?  The majority answer would be yes, please.  Yet the four front runners in the NDP leadership race all say ‘no’.  We can’t co-operate with the nefarious former NDP Rae Liberals.  It’s not possible.

I don’t understand.  Nor do I think do most Canadians who continue to suffer from a rant radio government that listens to no one but polls of their party faithful. (I am told that responses in the house are now based on daily polls.  No wonder the government feels it doesn’t need public servants any longer.)

What I do understand is the cutting board of ‘my way’ politics is killing the United States and it will kill Canada.

What I do understand is Stephen Harper is sleeping well.  No worries.  Il est bien dans son assiette.

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  1. michael oos says:

    yeah NDP think they can rest on their Québec laurels. They will lose a ton of seats in Québec next time – it would be in the NDP’s interest to co-operate with the other parties : we want a coaliton !! the evil empire must be stopped !!

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