Rally for Truth, Centennial Flame, Parliament Hill, April 29, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen.

I’d like to thank  Rally for Truth organizers for asking to speak at today’s rally.

I see we have some gentlemen from the RCMP with us.  Please come over and listen.  You are welcome.

Perhaps some of you remember that I was a city councillor in Ottawa for many years.  They were exciting, enjoyable years.  We accomplished a lot and had hoped more would be done to move Ottawa to being a more transit centered, sustainable city.  But no career lasts forever and when I left it was with the idea that I would retire to a quiet life of writing, scholarship and grandchildren which I have done.  I’m presently a visiting scholar at Carleton University and am busy helping out with three fine grandchildren.  I had no desire to pursue politics or protest any further.  My time as a public figure has been served.

What brings me out to speak today is not any particular policy of the present federal government.  Although there are many that offend me.  This is the most radical government Canadians have ever suffered under.  It is changing our environmental laws, our criminal laws, our traditions of  civic participation and our  nation from peace keepers to a militarized one.   Militarize sounds like a fancy word but what it means is Parliament spends 25 billion on a non existent plane and cuts health care and pensions because there’s not enough taxes to go around.  It is as if the Tea Party North has been formed out of the debris of the old Progressive Conservative Party and is now controlling  Canada.

The old Canadian progressive conservative values, traditions and people are being suppressed by this government.  When I say conservatives I mean people like you, people like me, people like Flora MacDonald, people like David Suzuki, people like Joe Clark, Lester Pearson and Tommy Douglas.  The, traditions and institutions these people fought for are being buried in a constant flow of clever, manipulative, destructive legislative actions.  Even the civic capacity of Canadians to participate in public debate is being reduced from coast to coast with the same defunding that is afflicting all national institutions.  Everyone who has a Ric Mercer rant in them is worried.

David Suzuki felt he had to resign from his own board because he was afraid his presence would bring  retribution and if the most famous environmentalist in the nation is feeling the heat, you can bet there are thousands of others who are feeling the same pressure to conform to the new agenda.

These are not my values.  Fear is not my value.   Control for the sake of control is not my value.  But this is what we have from the radicals who now control the Canadian Parliament and the government.  It is a group who know how to control but not to govern.   Their principal objective is to control every aspect of Canadian life. They want to have access to your electronic correspondence and files.  They want CESIS to have no supervision and they don’t want any Rally for Truths on Parliament Hill no matter how small and inconsequential.

I believe this government’s radical agenda is the most dangerous threat to Canadian unity the nation has ever encountered and given enough time, they will fracture our nation; because their values are not Canadian values.   They come from somewhere else and it is clear that this process of fracturing has already started.  We have gone in just nine months from the most federalist vote Quebec has ever delivered to one where federal MPs like Justin Trudeau says if he has to choose between this government’s values and his home province, his home province will win.  Many Canadians both in and outside of Quebec feel exactly the same way.

But as grave as these threats are to our country, they are not what has pushed me to leave my quiet life and come out today to speak to you.  What has pushed me is that it is now clear not only do we have a radical government with a radical agenda, we don’t have a legal government at all.  For a democratic government to be legal, it must be the elected in a fair and transparent way.  It is now clear the 2011 election was neither.  What we had was a cleverly organized national campaign to prevent opposition voters from casting their vote by calling them up in targeted ridings and masquerading as Elections Canada officials informed people who might oppose them that their voting station was closed.

This is a criminal offence subject to a five year prison term.  The perpetrators knew what they were doing was a criminal act and made a great effort to hide their tracks, but some of those tracks are being uncovered. Two professors from British Colombia released finding from a report last week that shows there was a 3 per cent reduction in Liberal and New Democratic opposition votes in affected ridings.  The Robo calls worked to change the outcomes of elections.

Good for the university professors, but whether the voter suppression had a 3 per cent effect on the election or a ten percent, none of this changes the fact that Canadians were cheated out of an honest and fair election.  And without an honest and fair election, this government is not legal.

I know many of you are upset about the loss of bail rights, mandatory sentencing, environmental assessment and  pipelines to Louisiana and China, but we need to focus on the most important issue before the country and that is  – this government isn’t legal and therefore what they are doing does not enjoy the force of law.   A public enquiry is required and all the leaders of Her Majesty’s Opposition must stop co-operating with the government until Parliament agrees to a public enquiry, because if they don’t  – nothing is going to happen.  The 2011 election fraud will go the same way as the Mulroney airbus scandal did.  It will take so long for the truth to be revealed that by the time is uncovered, no one will care and Canada will have been irreversibly affected because there will be a new generation who will have grown up knowing nothing else.   This is what these radicals are aiming for – nothing less than changing the culture and fabric of the country forever.

I’m here to say we must care now and to encourage Canadians from coast to coast, the old, the middle aged, the young to come out and support ‘Rally for Truth’ assemblies in their communities.  I’m here to encourage Canadians to think about standing on guard for their country by supporting Rallies for Truth every time they sing the national anthem.   This is the moment that we need to stand on guard for Canada and until the opposition leaders have the courage to insist on a public enquiry into the Robo Calls and refuse to cooperate with this government until there is one, we are going to have to do it for them.

Harry Truman once put a sign on his Presidential desk which said…the buck stops here.  Well he was wrong.  The buck stops with the people and it is time for the people of Canada to stand up and say we want to know what really happened in the 2011 election and we want to know now.


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  1. Derek says:

    Thank you Clive. Your support is appreciated.

    Protest Election Fraud

    Noon Sundays

    Parliament Hill

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