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Welcome to the plutocracy, your new home and native land

We no longer live in a democracy, we live in a plutocracy – a state which serves the wealthy.   It borders on the comical to hear Paul Godfrey, Chairman of Postmedia and CFL  plutocrat whining about the Huffington Post.  Any … Continue reading

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On Losing Public Spaces*

The Lansdowne Conservancy Plan which proposes keeping the entire Park as a public space, builds a stadium and requires no financing  from our taxes has been accepted for appeal so the resistance to the privatization of Lansdowne is not quite … Continue reading

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Gil Levine’s May 1 Hootenanny

I’m not sure how many people outside of my generation have any idea what a hootenanny is, but way back near the dawn of time, young people which at the time was us used to gather with musical friends and … Continue reading

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