The All Bills Act or Gettin’ er done.

Provisions of C-38 

*Provisions taken from the summary included in Bill C-38.  Prepared by Pat Steenberg using information on the Parliamentary website www.

Part I

  1. Income Tax Act amended: – Medical Expense Tax Credit, Registered Disability, Savings Plan, Mineral Exploration Tax Credit, Dividend designations, Governor General’s salary, Tax shelters, Charitable donation, foreign registration; political activity, Marketing Freedom for Grain Farmers

Part 2

  1. Excise Tax Act amended

Part 3

  1. Canadian Environmental Assessment Act repealed
  2. Canadian Environmental Assessment Act 2012 enacted
  3. National Energy Board Act amended—‘timeliness’ of pipeline reviews
  4. Canada Oil and Gas Operations Act amended—NEB to have federal jurisdiction over cross pipelines and power lines crossing navigable waters
  5. Fisheries Act amended—removes habitat protection
  6. Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 amended—disposal at sea permits
  7. Species at Risk Act amended

Part 4

  1. Auditor General Act amended
  2. Trust and Loan Companies Act amended
  3. Bank Act amended—among other things, adds a preamble
  4. Cooperative Credit Association Act amended
  5. Public Private Partnerships Canada Inc—makes an agent of the Government for the purposes of, among others, providing advice to federal departments
  6. Northwest Territories Act amended
  7. Nunavut Act amended
  8. Yukon Act amended
  9. Financial Administration Act amended
  10. Alternative Fuels Act amended
  11. Public Service Employment Act amended
  12. Department of Human Resources and Skills Development Act amended
  13. Canada Pension Plan amended
  14. Old Age Security Act amended
  15. Employment Insurance Act amended
  16. Parks Canada Agency Act amended
  17. Canada National Parks Act amended
  18. Canada National Marine Conservation Areas Act amended
  19. Insurance Companies Act amended
  20. National Housing Act amended
  21. Supporting Vulnerable Seniors and Strengthening Canada’s Economy Act
  22. Integrated Cross-Border Maritime Law Enforcement Operations Act enacted—enacts 2009 agreement between the Government of Canada and the Government of the USA implemented
  23. Bretton Woods and Related Agreements Act amended
  24. Official Development Assistance Accountability Act amended
  25. Canada Health Act amended
  26. Canada Security Intelligence Service Act amended—Office of the Inspector General eliminated and give oversight responsibilities to Security Intelligence Review Committee
  27. Currency Act amended
  28. Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act amended
  29. Food and Drugs Act amended
  30. Government Employees Compensation Act amended
  31. International Development Research Centre Act amended
  32. Canada Labour Code amended
  33. Fair ages and Hours of Labour Act repealed.
  34. Public Appointments Commission dissolved, and its Secretariat
  35. Seeds Act amended—empowers Canadian Food Inspection Agency to issue licenses to persons authorizing them control or assure quality of seeds or seed crops
  36. Statutory Instruments Act amended
  37. Investment Canada Act amended
  38. Customs Act amended
  39. Pensions Benefits Standards Act, 1985—retroactive effect to ss 39(2) and (3)
  40. Railway Safety Act amended
  41. Canadian International Trade Tribunal Act
  42. International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development Act repealed—International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development eliminated
  43. Health of Animals Act amended
  44. Canada School of Public Service Act amended—Board of Governors abolished and responsibilities reassigned to responsible Minister and President of the School
  45. Corrections and Conditional Release Act amended
  46. Coasting Trade Act amended
  47. Status of the Artist Act amended—dissolves the Canadian Artists and Producers Professional Relations Tribunal and transfers powers and duties to the Canadian Industrial Relations Board
  48. National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy Act repealed—National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy eliminated
  49. Telecommunications Act amended—changes rules re foreign ownership if Canadian carriers eligible to operated as common carriers (China’s purchase of Telus)
  50. Employment Equity Act amended
  51. Canada Marine Act amended
  52. First Nations Land Management Act amended
  53. Canada Travelling Exhibitions Indemnification Act amended
  54. Canadian Air Transport Security Authority Act amended
  55. First Nations Fiscal and Statistical Management Act amended—First Nations Statistical Institute eliminated
  56. Canadian Forces Members and Veterans Reestablishment and Compensation Act amended
  57. National Council on Welfare eliminated
  58. Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act repealed
  59. Immigration and Refugee Protection Act amended
  60. Shared Services Canada Act amended
  61. Assisted Human Reproduction Act repealed—pursuant to Supreme Court Decision; Assisted Human Reproduction Agency of Canada eliminated


Total:  70

Total amended:  57

Total enacted:  3

Total agencies eliminated:  7

Addendum :  With closure each member of Parliament gets about six seconds to address each Act.  All Bills treats Parliament like a washroom.   The Conservative members enter the Chamber raise the seat and flush as many times as necessary.  In this case, it’s 70 times.  Clive Doucet


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One Response to The All Bills Act or Gettin’ er done.

  1. Mable Plow says:

    This is fantastic news. Reducing the size of the bureaucracy is an important task.

    Longer term we must eliminate thousands of government jobs whose functions are replicated by the private sector companies. Environment Canada is a very good example of an organization that is redundant.

    I’d also like to see the maintenance and operation of the Rideau Canal outsourced. We also need to make the Canal more appealing. The commercialization of lands surrounding Dow’s Lake would add excitement. Think of Dow’s Lake as an extension of the new Lansdowne Park!

    PS. Have you been down to Lansdowne Park? Work has finally started. Minto is advertising Lansdowne condo sales and the ugly Colisium Building will soon be history. Perhaps a drink at Irene’s to celebrate?

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