Evil is always better organized.

Evil is always better organized wrote Stephen King and he was right because evil is simpler.  Any two year old knows destroying something is much easier than creating.  The budget was ‘gettin’ er done’ and when gettin’ er done is just taking apart what others have created and you have no respect for democratic traditions, it ain’t hard.

This is an evil government.  Evil thrives on violence and this government is doing what it can to take one of the most peaceful, gentlest countries on the planet and sow the seeds of discord and violence, by demonizing anyone who opposes them, by taking our criminal justice system and turning it into a Canadian Gulag.  Where prisoners are routinely double bunked.  Where there is no alternative but sitting in a cell.  Where there are no prison farms, no education, no way up, just punishment.  The whole world understands this kind of prison violence breeds more violence.  It doesn’t matter.  Evil doesn’t respond to reason.  Evil is about power and control.

The opposition are good people and they are hopeless.  Green leader, Elizabeth May sounds frantic like a squirrel with too many trees to climb as she sits in Parliament and watches the entire federal and non governmental environmental sector being dismantled before her eyes.

The NDP jockey shop hasn’t recovered from Jack Layton’s death.  The entire party was still trying to patch over his leaving when the vote suppression scandal broke and they just couldn’t focus.  They allowed evil to drive the theft of the entire election neatly into the arms of Elections Canada which is powerless to do anything but assign a modest fine and ask the perpetrators not to do it again.  This for an evil project that was breath taking in its scope, organization and implementation.

Creating the lists for one election in one city is a very big job, now think about creating 200 lists from coast to coast to coast and then having the where withal to phone all those lists the day prior to the election.  It’s a criminal offence and it’s stealing an election and  – oh yes, it was an evil that was stunningly well organized; and like any excellently organized endeavour it worked.  There was a 3 per cent diminishment in opposition voting in affected ridings.

Then there’s the poor old remnant Liberals.  Once a great and powerful Canadian party, now a mournful collection of ‘remember-whens’ who can’t seem to understand what has happened to them or the country.  They keep sputtering like an old car with a missing cylinder while evil drives over them from the front, then reverses and backs over them, and does it again and again until the poor old remember-whens have trouble remembering what they are being driven over for.  Was it Robo?  Was it Kyoto?  Was it the criminal justice system? Maybe it was the budget and its 70 different Acts and 400 pages?  Maybe it was their carbon reduction plan?  Does anyone remember it?

The squirrels, the jockeys, the remember-whens are good people doing their best, but as another Stephen said, evil is always better organized.

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