Who stole the Ontario voter lists?

Who needs Elections Ontario voters lists?  1) Could it be somebody selling Tupperware? 2)  A car dealership that is on the skids?  3) Or could it be a political operative?  I’m going to speculate wildly here and say-  it’s number three.

The mess that the world has got itself into is a many headed hydra, but it can all be related to a collapse of fundamental values in every aspect of life.  Justice cannot arise from injustice.   Good practices cannot from arise bad practices but somehow people have convinced themselves that this is possible.

It’s not okay that Barclays Bankers steal by shaving points.  It’s not okay that people are proud of not voting or willing to hold their nose and vote against their values. It’s not okay that politicians say only what the polls tell them to say, or that journalists report the news as their owners wish.

The “No Science. No Evidence. No Truth. No Democracy” demonstration on Parliament Hill was a perfect example of the collapse of values among journalists.  This was a very important demonstration organized by scientists and how was it reported?  Most newspapers didn’t even run a single line.  The Toronto Star had eight lines.  The Ottawa Citizen was distinguished by running a photograph on the front page, but the small article inside was written as if the demonstration was about federal cut backs to science.

No Science. No evidence.  No Truth had nothing to do with cutbacks.  It was about funding science for propaganda, not for truth.  For example, closing down a low cost, freshwater research station had nothing to do with ‘saving money’ and everything to do with getting dissenting scientific evidence out of public view and off the political table.

Turning scientific research into propaganda is how single party states operate, but the Citizen article (one of the few in the entire country) did not convey the thought that what mobilized scientists to march on Parliament Hill was funding based on belief, not non partisan inquiry.

The collapse of values is a many headed hydra.  This morning’s tale is the disappearance of the Ontario voter lists.  Has anyone even asked if the lists were stolen?  The assumption is the lists just went missing through someone’s incompetence.  Where did the bulk of the 2011 election fraud happen?  Could it be Ontario?  Where did the lists come from to make the voter suppression calls?  Could it be it’s all related like the hydra?

From Afghanistan to Mali to Barclays to Wall Street to Bay Street to little Sylvia Holden Park, the human demise is a many headed hydra.  It’s in your front yard, in your back yard, in the crazy climate change.  It’s in people who have given up and just want to make sure their own family is okay.  We are a unique species, unlike our co-inhabitants of the planet, we are capable of comprehending  the forces behind our own demise.  No Science.  No Evidence.  No truth was about killing even this capacity.  Stealing Ontario voter lists was about making sure it happens.  It won’t be the first time a species has become dumber as time passed and it won’t be the last.

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  1. If it helps, more than a few of us across the country still managed to notice the fact of that demonstration anyway.

    It’s another good question to ask about those voters lists, while we’re at it.

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