When in despair with fortune and men’s eyes

When in despair with fortune and men’s eyes, I read ‘Hello Canada’.   For those who aren’t familiar with this full colour, full size photo op mag, ‘Hello Canada’ is a hard core People Magazine.  Nothing but the photographs and the cut lines fit to print.

There’s something immensely comforting in an age when earth shattering climate change is advancing on human society with the boots of a planetary shake and the government is responding with pump more tar and no more science.   Leaders like Finance Minister Flaherty who wrecked Ontario’s potable water, finances and school system add a special comfort.

And then I pick up “Hello Canada” and read about Brad Pitt buying a half a million dollar engagement ring for Angelina.  And there’s some great photos of Prince William, the once and future king cavorting in the surf in his wet suit and some of Kate his beloved cutting a ribbon with éclat and grace.  Then there’s reality T.V. stars who have found new love or lost an old one and for the serious reader, there’s brilliant photos of  Tom Cruise and his Kate sadly parting ways.  Hello Canada has something for everyone.

Hello Canada! All is right with the world.

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