More news on Spillway versus Gateway

If a tar sands pipeline and supertankers project looks too dangerous, what do you do? If you’re Enbridge, you delete islands off of public videos and maps – apparently trying to convince the public the project is safer than it really is.

Last week, we partnered with to launch a campaign calling for Enbridge to stop misleading Canadians and pull the ads. We sent the action alert below to Leadnow supporters who have already taken action with us on environmental issues.

The campaign is off to an amazing start – with 24,000 petition signatures and a powerful image that has been shared 20,000 times on facebook generating national and international media coverage, creating a major public image crisis for Enbridge.

In response, Enbridge has added a disclaimer to its public videos, and even removed the misleading image from of one of the videos — showing that they are feeling the pressure.

But Enbridge is still refusing to remove the ads, and is hoping that this public image nightmare will go away so that it can proceed with plans to build the pipeline. That’s why we need to make sure that every Canadian sees this.

Tell Enbridge to stop misleading the public and pull the ads immediately.

With hope and respect,
Matthew and Jamie, on behalf of the team

P.S. We’ve been making news with this campaign. Check out some of the amazing coverage of this story:

The corporate cock-up that’s refuelled the Canadian tar sands debate (The Guardian)

This Is Not An Enbridge Animation: BC Video Response to Island-Less Ad (Huffington Post)

Enbridge map sinks islands, angers critics (Vancouver Sun)


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  1. Beulah Costain says:

    Hi Clive, Like you I am an Acadian of mixed descent- Irish and Acadian. My maiden name is Maillet (anglicized to Myers) . My family came from Paris settled in Annapolis Royal before being dispersed. They eventually arrived in Tignish PEI and some of us still remain in the Western part of PEI.
    I am currently reading your book “Notes from Exile” and am finding it very interesting with lots of material on things I did not know eg. Fredericton, NB was once an Acadian settlement. Thanks for providing such interesting and important info to those of us who try to retain our identity. Beulah

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