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There’s a Better Choice

When thousands of women and men were walking in Ottawa to voice their dissent with the election of the Donald, I was attending a tiny protest at the Experimental Farm.  The purpose of which was resolutely local but was also … Continue reading

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Democracy presumes love

In the pictureless worlds that we can’t see millions of years beyond our own are there societies that endure built on chains?  Perhaps, but it is hard to imagine here on this little planet.   Our experience has been the opposite.  … Continue reading

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How the bum crack elected Donald Trump

In the new Orwellian world of fake news, trolls, bots and cracker barrel statements dressed up as political news it’s become impossible to decipher who stands for what.  Double think is standard fare. We have entered a world of magical … Continue reading

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Seagull Route or Carling Ave? first published, Ottawa Citizen, Nov. 29th, 2014

Dear Sir, The issue concerning the Western LRT extension is not elected versus un-elected officials.  Sometimes, there are disagreements between the two and this is healthy.  I want public servants giving and defending their best advice, not doing what they’re … Continue reading

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In the Kitchen Across the Generations

*first published in the Glebe Report, Nov. 2014 My father had seven brothers and two sisters.   He was one of the youngest and when he was born my grandmother said to my grandfather, “this one doesn’t go to barn, William.  … Continue reading

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Saving CBC sans accents (speech given in Montreal)

En 1949, par referendum, la terre neuve a decide de s’attacher au Canada.  La vote etait 52 pour cent pour le Canada, 48 pour cent contre. Dans les annes 50, j’etais un gamin a St. Jean, Terre neuve.  C’etait par … Continue reading

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We are born old and young at the same time. We are born with great loves and great pains that grow like an acorn grows into a tree like god grows into the universe I don’t think it ever occurs … Continue reading

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Dear Readers,

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted a blog essay recently.  Part of the reason is that I have been busy working on several projects that require substantial amounts of time.  A crime series about an archaeologist turned detective … Continue reading

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Air Quality, The Green Connections and Governance, Ottawa, 1997-2006

Carousel Talk at Club of Rome, Conference Ottawa, 20/09/2013 Before I begin a brief description of the air quality measures we took while I served on City Council, I should set the context for you. In November, 1997, I was … Continue reading

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Some words in defense of Pauline Marois

I did not like the comments of Jason Kenny denigrating the Marois’s charter of values as Monty Pythoneque.  They were spurious and destructive.  Does he not have any memory?  Does he not recall the recent ‘honour killings’ of four women … Continue reading

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