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Shaking the Stephen Harper Shackles

Stephen Harper is  a primitive. At a time, when the founding Christian visions have all moved on towards a more complex idea of God and faith, Harper clings to a 19th century evangelical version of Christianity much like Microsoft clings … Continue reading

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Before the Gods of Osgoode Hall

Both outside and inside, Osgoode Hall, the law courts in downtown Toronto, has the materials and harmonious proportions of a building built before mass production sunk its teeth into every aspect of construction. Outside it is clad with soft yellow … Continue reading

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String Theory, the City of Bath and the Romans

String Theory  proposes that more than one set of physical laws are possible and as a consequence different universes exist and can co-exist, a little like J.K. Rowling’s idea where Harry Potter can pass through a portal and enter a … Continue reading

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